Welcome to Official Page of the San Diego USSSA World Series  

 World Series - Managers Instructions 

Thank you for being a part of this great San Diego event. It's greatly appreciated that you, your players and parents chose this event over others offered. 

Our San Diego World Series Staff Thanks You!

Please read the following instructions, so that we are all on the same page. 

Managers Meeting

A managers meeting will take place on Opening Day, the meeting will take place immediately after Opening Day Ceremonies.

If you can not be present please arrange for someone from your team to check in your team. 

Roster responsibilities: It is your responsibility to have your roster competed and turn in at the "check in table" We will need a copy of a printed roster or a handwritten roster available right here:  USSSA ROSTER Rosters must be the official USSSA Roster -  Printed or handwritten

Topics to be covered at the managers meeting :

  • Pitch Regulations 
  • Bat Rules 
  • Line up options 
  • Umpires 
  • There will be a raffle prizes ( Bownet Fungo Bats, Ball Buckets and other items ) 

Birth Certificates, have all of your players birth certificates available to veiw at check in. 

Team Check In - will be available from 10:00 AM to 3:00PM at Opening Day site. Your team will not be allowed on the field for your first game unless you have checked in.

Manager and Coaches Passes  
We will receive four passes, one for you and three coaches.  Passes must be presented to the gate attendent to enter the park at no charge. No Pass No Free Entrance! You must have the passes on your person  to gain access to the field. Passes will be in your manages packet, which will be handed to you after you check in. 

Tournament Rules

Make sure you are clear on the pitching and bat rules


Make sure the game score is correct on the scorecard when you sign it. Please contact us if the score is not recorded properly on the website. (619) 488-6044 

Pitching Logs 
Pitching logs will be available for public few, meaning all teams and anyone else can view your teams pitching log. There will be link added to the top of your team schedule page. Sample 


Baseballs will be provided, you will start each game with four (4) baseballs. We kindly suggest that all foul balls are returned to the field. If you are at a single field site, have your players chase down foul balls.

We will not supply an endless amount of baseballs.

Conduct on the field
There will be no room for profanity towards anyone on the field. You are responsible for keeping your coaches, players and parents under control. If you refuse to take responsiblty, our umpires and staff will, and you will be ejected from the game and requested to leave the site. 

Alcohol, Tabacco & Dogs

There are two sites being used for this event that do sell alcohol. 

Sportsplex USA sites are the only two sites where purchased alcohol is allowed. No outside beverages are allowed at these parks. You must use desinated smoking area at these two sites. Chewing Tobacco or other tabacco products are not allowed on or off the field.
Any alcohol drinking at Little League sites and parking lots is strickey prohibited. Dogs are not allowed at any World Series Sites


Not allowed into Sportplex USA facilities 

Sweetwater Little League and Lakeside Little League Parks, you may bring in a cooler, as long as it does not have any alcoholic drinks.