Dates February 15-17

Open Event Open to All Classifications 
8U 9U 10U 11U 12U 12U 13U 14U 16U 

4 Game Minimum
Three (3) pool play games into single elimination when division ends up with an even numbers of teams .

Odd number divisions could play four (4) pool play games with the top half or more of the division advancing to playoffs into single elimination. 
Playoff divisions will be divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze when the divisions consist of 8 teams or more.  

Event History 

This event is one our most well attended events with an average of 16 teams or more per division. 

Entry Fees        
Prior to Feb. 7th

8U   $450         

9U   $575

10U $575

11U  $575
12U  $575

13U  $625
14U  $625

Add $50 to Fees paid after Feb. 7th  


Sweetwater  Complex , Bonita  200 Ft Fences
Lakeside Complex 
Sportsplexes - Poway & Santee
Fences will be placed at 225 for 11U & 12U
Field Photos 

Awards Rings 

Event  Hotel Website
We have partnered with TRAVELING TEAMS® to secure discounted room blocks at a variety of tournament approved hotels close to our venues. This is a Stay to Play event. It is required that all teams traveling to this event reserve their hotel accommodations through TRAVELING TEAMS®. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!